Marina Braff
Therapist for The Defining Decade
Marina Braff

Hi! My name is Marina. I am a twenty-something therapist living in a plugged-in world, with a pressure to do it all, all while trying to stay sane. I recognize that the twenties and entering in adulthood can be both a trying and exciting time. Because of that, I want to use both my clinical and real-life education to provide support for those out there that are trying to figure out how to make it in the real world.

In my practice, I love working with this demographic because of the amount of opportunities and possibilities available. I am fortunate to have the unique ability of being able to relate to individuals living in this decade on a real level and provide tangible support and tools. When I am not talking to someone in my office, I love talking to large groups of people, providing presentations at schools, community organizations, and businesses on topics ranging from teens and technology to work-life balance. 

Additionally, I am an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology program

I am thrilled to learn more about the readers of The Daily Feels and help each other figure out this crazy and exciting time of life together!

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